Price List

1 POUND BAG    $17 (50-55 pieces)

1/2 POUND BAG  $ 9.00 (25-28 pieces)

1/4 POUND BAG  $5.00 (12-14 pieces)

Regularly available  flavors include Sea Salt, and Vanilla.  Caramel Pecan bites ($21/Pound and $12/half pound) are available for special order).


Butter Rum, Coffee, Chocolate Godiva Liquor, Egg Nog, Amoretto, and Orange Creamsicle are available from November 1st through December 31st.  

You also have the options of mixing the pound size with up to 4 flavors of your choice based on availability (from November 1st through December 31st).

The holiday flavors can be special ordered during the year, but at least one and a half pounds must be purchased.


Add $1.00 for gift boxing a pound, and $.50 for 1/2 pound size.

CARAMEL POPCORN SIZES: 1 POUND, $15; 1/2 POUND, $8;  includes caramel samples.   Caramel popcorn with pecans is available for $16 per pound and $8 for a half pound.  Single serving Caramel Popcorn bags are available for $2 (2 oz).  Minimum of 8 required, but I will do  lesser if I have leftover caramel popcorn from another order.   Caramel pecan popcorn is not available in 2 ounce size.


CARAMELS BY SAM'S PRODUCTS ARE GREAT FOR GIFTS.  FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME FOR INFORMATION REGARDING CARAMELS FOR  WEDDING AND PARTY FAVORS, etc.  I recommend you buy caramels by the pound bag, get the color ribbon you want, and type of favor bags and have a favor making party with bridesmaids, etc.  It's cheaper!

Check Facebook for Specials.  Currently, 1 pound of caramel popcorn is $13 (reg. $15) or 2 pounds for $25.  Indefinite.

MAMA ARLEEN'S PECAN BRITTLE is our newest product.  It's my late mother-in-law's recipe with a little tweak, and it's available for $8 (1/2 pound) and $15 (pound).

Toffee with or without nuts (pecans, walnuts or almonds) is a special order item ($9/half pound, and $16 for a pound).  

Please check my Caramels By Sam Facebook page for a few other delicious items.

FROM 7/26-8/3, BUY 4 (1/4 lb) bags of caramels (vanilla or sea salt at $5 each) and get 1 free.  Half lb. size is also on sale for $7.50 (reg. $9).